Clyde Hill Elementary Modernization

Clyde Hill is a 7 acre elementary school in the northeast quadrant of the 112th and and Bellevue Way in Clyde Hill, Washington. Located in one of Western Washington's more affluent areas, filled areas include 5,500 Square feet of space.

The first order of business in the classroom wings was the demolition work. Just about everything except the actual structure and roof was demolished in preparation for the planned modernization. All of the sheetrock was removed as part of the demolition, allowing for all of the electrical and data conduit to be hidden in the walls.

    The classrooms in each wing received new:
  • Carpeting and VCT flooring
  • Windows, doors and ADA accessible door hardware
  • Suspended ceiling and lighting
  • Forced air heating, cooling and ventilation to each room
  • Sheetrock on existing walls
  • Storage cabinets
  • Counters for computer workstations
  • “Cubbies” storage for students coats and other belongings
  • Sinks
  • White boards and tack boards
  • Power distribution system
  • Fire alarm, security, tele data and closed circuit TV distribution systems
  • Complete LAN system, including clean power to the data outlets
  • The bathrooms in each wing were gutted, modernized and upgraded for better accessibility. An extra room dubbed “Special Projects” was added at each wing and will serve a number of functions depending on the school’s needs.

    After a thorough demolition similar to the classroom wings, the Library Wing and Administration Wing was joined by filling in the existing covered walkway area. A new front entry was added and additional square footage was added to different areas of the upgraded 400/500 Wing. The raised floor of the Office was removed for better accessibility. The new extra square footage allows certain rooms to expand in size (like the staff work room) and allow for the creation of some new areas, like a PTSA Office and a Computer Lab. In total, 4,628 SF of additional space is being added to the 400/500 wing. The Counselor and Speech Therapist moved out of the wings and into the larger administrative wing.

    The Library also needed a complete modernization, including more needed storage. Book shelves in the middle of the Library are now on casters so that the room can be quickly reconfigured for different activities. The check out desk has been relocated to allow for better circulation and easier monitoring of the Library.

    The Kitchen was enlarged and completely modernized. A stage area was restored off of the Multi Purpose Room (MPR). The smaller West Entry to the MPR was also updated and picked up architectural clues from the new Main Entry to the school. Hallways have been situated to help route the kids more easily in and out of the MPR during the lunch periods. The Music Room has been enlarged as well as the Staff Room. More storage has been sprinkled all over to help the different programs. The whole 400/500 Wing has received all of the same creature comforts (new carpeting, lighting, doors, windows, etc. etc.) that were discussed in the classroom wing discussion.

    The new Main Entryway and Foyer will help add a signature look to the school. The bench in front of Mr. Barber’s office has been reused in the new Foyer. The other wall of the Foyer is ready for a special student copper project. The covered entry way now also serves as a place for students to wait for their rides to pick them up. A covered walk has also been incorporated along the south side of the 400/500 wing so students can walk from the bus pickup area to the middle part of the campus without getting wet, just in case it ever decides to rain in Seattle!

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