School Design
Our nation's schools provide a unique opportunity to integrate a comprehensive approach to the longterm planning and development of these important holdings. Richert & Associates provides requirements analysis, facility condition evaluation, facility requirement plans, master planning, and design guides, special facility studies for primary, secondary and senior high schools.
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Design Appearance
With Commercial projects, appearance is a function of the client's needs and what they are trying to achieve with their project. We at Richert & Associates design by the parameters set forth by our clients. We understand that appearance and public image can be of paramount importance as to whether a public project will be successful. Our goal is to be "fresh and exciting" without being trendy and quickly dated. The exterior appearance is always the first impression to a person, and it is important to keep this in mind whether the project is an office building or some form of multi-family housing. We have already completed many commercial type projects; we believe we understand the current issues that continue to effect the communities of these projects in the years to come.

Cost Estimating Experience
Richert & Associates has been able to consistently meet construction budgets through organization, planning and careful communication. The cost control process is used as a creative tool during all phases of the design. The cost estimates are submitted for review and approval by the Owner at each phase of design (schematic, design development and construction documents), thereby allowing the budget or scope to be modified if needed. As more decisions are made, each subsequent cost estimate will have greater detail and more accurate numbers. Richert & Associates uses a sophisticated computer aided cost estimating system with a costing database of 6000+ items.

cost estimate
Materials/Building System
In the beginning, we sit down with the owner and set up a direction of what they are trying to accomplish with their project. The owner will define the level of quality that they expect from the various components of the building. Their goals regarding life cycle costing will have an effect on the required quality of materials. Pros and cons of different structural, cladding, roofing, and other systems are presented to the owner for review and we will help the owner make an educated decision regarding which systems will be most cost effective in reaching both their short and long term goals.

Energy Analysis Experience
Certain projects require us to assess the energy efficiency of the facility. If your project needs or requires analysis in this regard, our team is capable of conducting an analysis.

We look at both the thermal performance of the building shell and the operating efficiency of the mechanical and electrical systems. In consultation with the Owner, various modifications to the building, HVAC system, electrical systems, and building envelope are developed. These modifications are then analyzed, using computer energy and economic analysis programs, to determine their cost effectiveness. This process insures the client that a thorough assessment has been made, resulting in long-term energy cost savings.
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